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EthicsFinder is an initiative of Australian Catholic University and is supported by a global network of over 80 philosophers and specialists from more than 50 universities and institutions. It is led by Patrick Langrell and is sponsored by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Ethics, Prof. Hayden Ramsay. 


Patrick Langrell is Director, Portfolio, Strategy and Operations in the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Ethics at Australian Catholic University. As Editor, he liaises with the Advisory Board and consults the network of Editorial Consultants over curated resources. Patrick obtained his BA in Philosophy and MPhil at The University of Notre Dame Australia and has worked in several senior roles across public policy, higher education, and non-profit environments in Australia and the United States. 


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is composed of several distinguished academics and public intellectuals. Members meet periodically to provide strategic advice and guidance on particular topics and the content curation process. They also assist in identifying leading scholars and experts whom the Editor could consult in improving topic resources.  

John Haldane is Chair of the Advisory Board and Professor of Philosophy of Education at Australian Catholic University. He holds several other academic positions including Professor of Virtue Theory, Birmingham University; Professor Emeritus of Moral Philosophy, St Andrews University; and Distinguished Affiliate Professor of Philosophy, Baylor University. As Chair John, provides academic leadership and oversight of the website and editorial process.

Advisory Board members include: 

John Haldane
Australian Catholic University
Robert P. George
Princeton University
William Hurlbut
Stanford University
Anthony Fisher
Catholic Institute of Sydney
Candace Vogler
University of Chicago
Tyler Paytas
Australian Catholic University
Erika Bachiochi
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Thomas Joseph White
The Angelicum
Kevin Flannery
Gregorian University
Philip Pettit
Australian National University
Roger Crisp
University of Oxford
Thomas Hibbs
Baylor University

Editorial Consultants

Editorial Consultants to EthicsFinder are key specialists and experts in ethical theory and practice who are regularly consulted on curated resources for topics within their expertise. They play a critical role in the peer review process through their feedback, suggestions, and content recommendations. Their support is carried out on a pro bono basis and does not constitute institutional or personal endorsement of any particular link displayed on the website. 

Francis J. Beckwith
Baylor University
Daniel P. Sulmasy
Georgetown University
Patrick Lee
Franciscan University of Steubenville
Christopher Kaczor
Loyola Marymount University
Farr A. Curlin
Duke University
Christopher Tollefsen
University of South Carolina
Helen Watt
Alexander Pruss
Baylor University
Maureen Condic
University of Utah School of Medicine
John Keown
Georgetown University
Helen Alvare
George Mason University
Gerard V. Bradley
University of Notre Dame
Carter Snead
University of Notre Dame
Mary Eberstadt
Faith and Reason Institute
Jennifer Lahl
Bioethics and Culture Network
Melissa Moschella
Catholic University of America
Matthew Levering
University of Saint Mary of the Lake
Samuel Gregg
American Institute for Economic Research
Catherine Pakaluk
Catholic University of America
Bernadette Tobin
Australian Catholic University
Deborah Savage
Franciscan University of Steubenville
Aaron Kheriaty
Zephyr Institute
Mary Rice Hasson
Ethics and Public Policy Centre
R.R. Reno
First Things
Angela Franks
St. John’s Seminary, Boston
Jennifer Frey
University of South Carolina
William Cavanaugh
DePaul University
Jason T. Eberl
St Louis University
Edward Feser
Pasadena City College
George Duke
Deakin University
Jonathan Crowe
Bond University
V. Bradley Lewis
Catholic University of America
Patrick Riordan
University of Oxford
Nigel Biggar
University of Oxford
Thomas A. Cavanaugh
University of San Francisco
Bill Miscamble
University of Notre Dame
Michael Casey
Australian Catholic University
Seumas Miller
University of Oxford
Philip Booth
St. Mary's University in Twickenham
Aquinas Guilbeau
Dominican House of Studies
Xavier Symons
Australian Catholic University
Thana de Campos
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Thomas Pink
King's College London
Angela McKay Knobel
University of Dallas
David Bronstein
University of New South Wales
David Goodill
University of Oxford
Dimitris Vardoulakis
University of Western Sydney
James R. Stoner Jr
Louisiana State University
Jennifer Miller
Yale University
Kristjan Kristjansson
University of Birmingham
Maria Power
University of Oxford
Scott Yenor
Boise State University
W. Bradford Wilcox
University of Virginia
Margaret Somerville
University of Notre Dame Australia
Mary Hallan FioRito
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Andrew Abela
Catholic University of America
Michael Pakaluk
Catholic University of America
John Tasioulas
University of Oxford
Michael Oondatje
Australian Catholic University
Richard Finn
University of Oxford
Rohan Curnow
Catholic Institute of Sydney
Steve Matthews
Australian Catholic University
Tyler VanderWeele
Harvard University
Sandra Lynch
University of Notre Dame Australia
John Lippitt
University of Notre Dame Australia
Michael Sherwin
University of Fribourg
Simon Gaine
International Theological Commission
James R. Otteson
University of Notre Dame
Joseph Parkinson
LJ Goody Bioethics Centre
Sherif Girgis
University of Notre Dame
Robert Carver
Australian Catholic University
Mary Madeline Todd
Aquinas College